How to choose your keywords for Google

I am often asked how to go about choosing the right keywords to optimize for with regards to Google and I have to tell you that it really is no easy task, it does take research and more importantly it takes time. For companies that provide SEO services, one of the most time consuming aspects of doing SEO for any website, is determining the right keywords to optimize for. There are several factors to consider when choosing your keywords and I am hoping this article will help explain what to look for and how to do it yourself.

What needs to be considered when choosing your keywords is the following:

1. Who am I trying to attract?

2. What might they be looking for ("Googling") when they enter a search term

3. How will I identify the most qualified prospects, the ones looking to make a purchase?

4. What is the competition for the keyword? When you "Google" the keyword, how many results come up? Is it 35,000,000 or is it 500,000? Obviously it will be much more difficult to compete with 35 Million other websites vs. 1/2 million.

5. How many people are actually searching the keyword you wish to optimize for?

6. What words are "related" to the keywords you are optimizing for? This is called your "semantic keywords".

Easy trick for adding video to your posts

I have talked about "mixed" media being very important to the success of your blog and adding video to your blog being part of that "mixed media". The Flip Mino camcorder combines remarkable video quality in a pocket-sized package that's designable.

I can personally attest to video camera The Flip being one of the greatest little gadgets for adding video to your site. It is the size of a deck of cards, weighs next to nothing, it is SUPER easy to use, records in high definition, and loading the recorded video to your site could not at all be easier. You "flip" out the USB plug, plug it in to your USB port and start importing! Videos can be imported on any computer because the software you need to import is IN the video camera! And…one of the best parts, you can upload straight to YouTube once you import if you have no edits to the video!

The software it comes with the camera includes editing tools that allow you to cut out parts of your video you dont want included as well as combining your videos in to one video if you record in a few different sessions. I have been very pleased with my purchase and always have a quality video camera on hand for recording whatever comes up because it is so small and light. "The Flip" video camera is a great addition to your bag of tricks to including mixed media on your blog and allowing people to get to know you alot better by recording yourself and adding it to your blogs. People will keep coming back to your blog when they really feel they can connect with you. Happy blogging and get yourself "A Flip"! , it is currently on special and the model pictured is just over $100. When you read the reviews, which there are currently 62 of, 49 people of the 62 gave this product FIVE STARS! There is more than one model available, so make sure you check out the different models before you decide which one is the best for you. The Flip Mino camcorder combines remarkable video quality in a pocket-sized package that's designable.

Six Easy Twitter Lingo "Twips"

When you are new to Twitter, some of the "twitter lingo" may be a bit confusing and hard to keep up with. Here are some quick tips on "twitter lingo" to help you out.

@username + your message - directs your tweet to that person and also shows in their "replies" tab. Example: @Printerbees - Thanks for the printing coupon!

D username + your message - a "direct tweet" that sends the person a private message that does not show in the public time line. Example: @RyanSecrest - what do you think about Paula possibly not returning to American Idol?

RT @+username - "retweet", if someone posts something you like and want to share with the people who are following you, give credit to the person to posted it by putting a RT (retweet) before the @username. Example: RT@Pdiddy "The future belongs to those who prepare for it TODAY!!!" -Malcolm X… A little inspiration for everyone's Friday!!!

#followfriday - Follow friday is the day when you recommenced other people on Twitter to your followers. If you think the people who are following you will like someone you are following recommend them on "Follow Fridays" You can also add several users in one tweet or when you "ReTweet" something.

#topic "hashtags" - This is a way to "tag" your twitter update on a specific subject. Makes it easier for followers and non followers to search it on the Twitter home page or in the trending topics area.

Nudge username - haven't heard from one of your friends in a while…nudge them by typing nudge username. Example: nudge Oprah